Conference Programme

Papers to be Presented

Innovation & Trends in Underground Drainage
India's first full city 24/7 water supply project to use trench less installation with PE100 pipes
Application of Large Dia Pipes
Polymer Piping in Gas Distribution
Microducts and Telecom Revolution
PE Piping Desalination Projects in India
Corrugated Pipe: A Niche Product for wide range of applications
Oriented PVC Pipe Technology
Total Automation Producing Plastic Pipes
PVC Heat Stabilizers: The Economic and Technical Importance
Role of Impact Modifier in Pipe Formulation
Importance of Welding Standards & Best Practises in HDPE Pipe Welding
Innovation in Plastic Pipes
Your know-how Partner for manufacturing DWC pipe
Plastic Pipe Downstream and the Future
Polyethylene pipes for Gas distribution, current status and outlook
HDPE Effluent Water pipeline Off-shore Project
Foam Core PVC Pipes
PVC 4 Pipes
Indian Plastic Pipe Industry - Road Map to Growth
Quality Joints for a Leak Free System
The evolution of elastomeric seals in PVC pipes
NSF/ANSI Standard 14-50 years of service to Plastic Pipe Industry
Smart Cities, Concept and Evolution
Misconceptions in the design of PE and other plastic pipes
Urban utility rehabilitation renewal and role of plastic piping systems

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